Arizona State Legislature Fully Admit Laws Were Made in Drunken Game of “Madlibs”

September 4, 2012

PHOENIX (TheBadgerCA) – In a statement issued from the Arizona State Legislature today, the state fully admitted that recent laws enacted and all that are pending a final vote were created in a drunken game of Madlibs.

Senator John McCain Ordering Another Round of “Democracy”

Madlibs, the popular party game, allows the players to create sentences by inserting random words into pre-made sentences. One such law that was recently put into place was the Madlib “Pregnancy begins two weeks before conception.”Senator and former presidency candidate John McCain stated, “I cannot impress upon you how drunk we were. Like wickedly hammered. Seriously, Jay Brewer was over there and he was saying shit like ‘Let’s get this Madlibs happening and make some laws tonight!’ What were we going to say? Other than ‘Hells ya!’ That is how we roll in Ay-Zee!”The senator admits that the whole affair did not pan out as expected. “We had truly no expectation that this was going to go the way it did. At worst we thought this one would go something like ‘Work begins two years before David Schapira stinks up the bathroom off of the Senate floor’. We had no idea it would work out the way it did. We totally thought that there would be some check and balance in place that would prevent this very thing. Like the President would call bullshit or something. This…this just sucks. But it’s law now, so what the hell are you going to do? I didn’t fight the Gooks in Nam and let something like a staff party stand in the way of law-making freedom.”

Other laws soon to be put in place are “Women and oxen shall now be wed only prior to hand jobs” and “No more than five dozen page boys are able to be on hand and royally abused by The Lord King Proxy Whip Kong Dong”. Continued Senator McCain, “I truly cannot impress upon you how drunk we were.

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