Testimony Reveals Rob Ford Didn’t Realize He Was Mayor

September 10, 2012

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Proves Ignorance May Very Well In Fact Be Bliss

TORONTO (TheBadgerCA) – After two days grueling questioning from attorney Clayton Ruby that saw Toronto Mayor Rob Ford defending himself in his involvement in a conflict of interest scandal that is rocking the city council, a startling revelation was uncovered.Clayton Ruby, leading the proceedings on behalf of the city grilled the Toronto mayor attempting to ascertain Mayor Ford’s knowledge of his involvement in the scandal.  The mayor in a shocking piece of testimony revealed that not only had he no knowledge of his conflict of interest on a council vote, he had no idea that he was currently the one holding the office of Mayor.

“I had no idea that I was this so-called ‘mayor’ they were talking about”, pronounced Ford under oath.  Ruby continued to pursue the questioning attempting to get the mayor to admit he knew he had the job, as seen from the following courtroom transcripts:

Mr. Ruby:  You are telling the court that you did not know that you were mayor?

Mayor Ford:  I did not know I was mayor.

Mr. Ruby:  You do not remember your acceptance speech in October of 2010 where you thanked everyone for their efforts in getting you elected?

Mayor Ford:  I say a lot of speeches.  I can’t be expected to remember all of them.

Mr. Ruby:  Do you have an office, Mr. Ford?

Mayor Ford:  Of course I have an office.  Everyone here has an office.

Mr. Ruby:  Is your name on the outside of the door?

Mayor Ford:  If it wasn’t, how else would I know which office was mine?

Mr. Ruby:  Does it not in fact read “Mayor of Toronto Robert Ford”?

Mayor Ford:  I don’t know.  I didn’t read it.

Mr. Ruby:  You didn’t read it? Not once?

Mayor Ford:  I’m busy.  I have to do most of my reading in the car.

Mr. Ruby:  You walk by it every day.  How did you not see it?

Mayor Ford:  I don’t know.  I never read it.

Mr. Ruby:  Do people not refer to you as “Mayor”, Mayor Ford?  Did I not just refer to you as “Mayor” now?

Mayor Ford:  You did.  People have.  But I didn’t read it.  You can’t trust what people write.

Mr. Ruby:  How did you not know that you held the office of the Mayor of Toronto?  How is this possible?

Mayor Ford:  If I was Mayor, one of my staff would have told me what to do.

Mr. Ruby:  And no one has ever come up to you telling you what your job is?

Mayor Ford:  Not to my knowledge.

Mr. Ruby:  Do you not find this somewhat incredulous?

Mayor Ford:  Let me get one thing straight.  I am Rob Ford.  I like football and trains.  Trains and football.

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