Emmys Draw Record Number of Viewers, Former Nominees Drinking Alone

September 25, 2012

HOLLYWOOD (TheBadgerCA) – The stars came out in droves Sunday night as the annual television awards celebrated a year of televised excellence.  Viewers from across the globe watched on in record numbers as shows like Showtime’s “Homeland”, and ABC’s “Modern Family” took home many awards.  It was a record year for the awards in terms of captured viewers.  More importantly, the awards were watched by another key group, former Emmy nominees drinking alone.

Matt LeBlanc: Now with Grammer, Romano, and Shalhoub as Nemeses

Kevin James, a 2006 nominee for his work on “King of Queens” sat staring at his ample 88” television, paid for from his work on the smash hit movie “Zookeeper”, repeatedly pouring Wild Turkey into a tumbler and muttering to himself.  He sat staring at the Emmys saying nothing until the award for “Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy” was announced.  Topping up his glass he was overheard muttering “Fucking Shalhoub”, a reference to the star of “Monk” that bested him for the 2006 honour.Also drinking alone at the time was three-time Emmy nominee and subsequent sitcom failure Matt LeBlanc.  LeBlanc watched from the confines of his finished basement in Sherman Oaks, CA, with several airline bottles of flavored vodka lying at his feet.  When the award for the “Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy” was announced, he too uttered the phrase “Fucking Shalhoub”; a reference to the fact the “Monk” star bested him in 2003.  He was also heard to utter “Ray Romano is an asshole” and “Kelsey Grammer can suck me” in reference to his 2002 and 2004 losses respectively.

David Kohan, creator of the Emmy winning “Will & Grace” was ejected from a bar a few blocks from the ceremony stating “I did the show about the queer and won! But do a shit show with Shatner and no one remembers me!” in reference to his failure “Bleep My Dad Says”.

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