Justin Bieber Stage Show Angers Mothers Concerned with Bulimia

October 1, 2012

GLENDALE, AZ – (TheBadgerCA) – Justin Bieber’s most recent performance in Glandale, Arizona’s Jobing.com Arena elicited the usual screams and support from his fans despite having to fight through two bouts of nausea that forced him to pause the show.  Following his on-stage sickness where Bieber vomited during songs, he returned to his adoring fans, continuing what would be a celebrated and brilliant show.  However, not everyone was happy with his performance.  Maureen Tannigan, a mother and chaperone to the concert for her daughter and the girls of the “Glendale Ace Towing Dragonflies” soccer team, tells a different story.

Justin Bieber: Behaviour Unbecoming

“Mr. Bieber is a renowned celebrity and an idol to many young people.  For him to come out and actively purge on stage is not the message that needs to be sent to our youth,” said Tannigan.  “I have a young daughter and the last thing I want her to do is to have her start to imitate Bieber’s deviant lifestyle.  I know what they get up to in Hollywood.  They go to the big parties and eat and drink and smoke and do things in giant fur-covered costumes then they excuse themselves and go…purge.  It has destroyed the lives of many and whatever he gets up to in Hollywood, he has to be accountable to his actions.  He’s a role model and young, impressionable girls watch his every move.  To vomit in public and make it seem right is just wrong.”Alison Truff, one of Bieber’s publicists released the following statement:

“Mr. Bieber regrets that his sudden illness on stage in Glendale hampered the performance.  The situation is believed to be blamed on bad milk or perhaps a fish taco that was available in the Green Room prior to the evening’s performance.  Mr. Bieber’s sickness was in no way intentional or voluntary and Mr. Bieber wishes to ensure that he is greatly concerned with the livelihood and dietary well-being of his fans and wishes them no harm.”

Says one sound technician who witnessed the scene on stage who wished to be unnamed, “I don’t care what the moms say, what he says.  All I’m saying is that I’m pretty sure I saw Justin pull out a spoon.  It was in his sleeve, and it looked spoon-like.  Look, he’s skinny, right?  ‘Nuff [sic] said.”

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