Romney’s Mormon Roots Wins Debate, Uses “Secret Box of ‘Things’” Strategy

October 4, 2012

DENVER, CO (TheBadgerCA) – As the lights went out on the stage at the University of Denver, the Republican team fronted by Mitt Romney could not be happier with the result.  As the presidential hopeful left the building, he could not help but appear buoyed by the fact that the night’s debate fell in his favor.

Romney: “You see that box over there? Well, you can’t look in it.”

Many point to Romney’s confidence and direct questioning to President Obama regarding his domestic policies, but Republican insiders point to Romney’s key strategy that overarched his entire modus operandi.  Says Bill Kitcher, Senior Strategist for the Romney camp, “We went to what he knew best.  His upbringing as a Mormon taught him that Joseph Smith wrote the Book of Mormon by reading the Word of God from within a box that no one other than Smith could look into.  We pretty much used that.”“The harder that Obama pushed on how Romney would pay for the defence budget, provide the ‘Voucher Program’ for entitlements, support education and drop taxes for the middle-class, Romney had the magic box.  He’s got the solution, he just can’t tell anyone.  That would mean that they’d be looking in the box, and we know from the days of Joseph Smith, that just doesn’t happen.  So, in a way, God will basically provide all the fixes.  Thankfully it was Romney delivering that message.”

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