Rob Ford Gives Up All Pretenses of Even Trying

October 10, 2012

Apathy or “Angry Birds”?

TORONTO (TheBadgerCA) – Sources close to Rob Ford have indicated that the Toronto mayor appears to have given up trying to do his job in any regard.  Previous Toronto mayors have embraced the position with the vitality and privilege that the position requires, but many are surprised by Ford’s fresh take on performing the job at hand through complete indifference and ignoring.


One example of Ford’s new view to his job is his reaction to his ongoing conflict of interest trial.  Where other mayors from other cities, or even previous Toronto mayors, would provide explanations and means of defence for his actions, Ford has elected to walk by reporters as if they were fellow shoppers in the nearby Eaton Centre, refusing to engage them with answers.


Globe and Mail reporter Gareth Mills said of Ford’s actions, “It’s weird, it’s like he believes he’s a ghost and no one can see him.  And let’s be fair, you can’t miss him.”


Even during the recent debate on TTC budgets and labour, Ford sat resolute concentrating fully on what appeared to be a crossword puzzle taken from one of the free Toronto dailies.


Fellow councillors have taken notice and Ford appears not to be bothered.  A councillor who wished not to be named stated, “I once presented to council a zoning need for my ward.  It was going well and then I noticed that Ford was on his laptop looking for ‘Fall Guy’ DVDs on eBay.  Once he put in a bid, he went immediately to a page of Toronto Sunshine girls.  I could tell because the ‘Site Blocked’ message came up.  At least he doesn’t snore during naps.”

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