Romney Seals Ineligible Teenage Boy Vote with ‘Binder of Women’ Comment

October 17, 2012

HEMPSTEAD, NEW YORK (TheBadgerCA) – After last night’s debate, Republican hopeful Mitt Romney leapt ahead in the ineligible Teenage Boy demographic with his “Binder of Women” vote.

A poll of young and soon-to-be voters revealed that though teenage girls and those just turning the legal voting age of 18 lean towards incumbent president Barack Obama, Romney is surging ahead of Obama with teenage boys.  Most polled related to Romney in that they also possessed binders of women, mostly kept in the back of closets, under action figures on display, or hidden in between “Advanced Dungeon and Dragons” books.

Many asked at the end of the poll if Romney’s plan was to provide the binder of women to the public.

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