Toronto Maple Leafs Happy with Undefeated Season

October 26, 2012

Burke: “All this and clean sheets, too!”

TORONTO (TheBadgerCA) – Today, a smile crept across the face of Brian Burke, General Manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs.  A quick glance at the paper told him that so far this year, the Leafs have not registered a single loss so far.  Burke was beside himself with joy.

“To be this far into October, and not lose, this is something that has not happened in this franchises history.  Ever.  And though the players can be thanked for their hard work, it is the team ownership that can be thanked for putting the pieces in place for this wonderful achievement.  And let me say this.  This whole thing would not be possible without the hard work of Gary Bettman.  Were it not for his tireless efforts in making this league what it is, I would not be experiencing the feeling I am now.”

No fans were available for comment.

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