People Already Sick of Co-Worker’s Jokes about His Ex Named ‘Sandy’

October 30, 2012

PROVIDENCE, RI (TheBadgerCA) – Workers in the Palmerston Street branch of US Bank have been placed on high alert since the warning that the eastern coast of the United States would be battered by Hurricane Sandy.  Tensions already running high as many thought of their own safety and that of their families, it was not helped when one co-worker maintained on repeatedly making jokes about his ex-girlfriend also named ‘Sandy’.

Sandy: Apparently nicer at holiday parties

“That would be Wayne,” said Sunil Majeet, teller at the bank, when asked if anything else was causing high stress during this ordeal.  “Wayne (Shullman, 37, Assistant Branch Manager) will not shut up about the fact that his ex-girlfriend is also named ‘Sandy’.  And this pretty much has let him go to town.”

Shannon Bryce, another teller at the bank, shared the same story.  “Wayne got in here at 9:30am, and from the get go was making “Sandy’s blowing this many”-this, and “Hold on to your nuts”-that, it’s been tough.  He just won’t stop about it.  We had the news on the TV and he was making comments all through the broadcast.  When they mentioned that people were evacuating New Jersey, he started yelling “Don’t run from her, she’s going to take all your stuff now.”  And when they showed footage of police and firemen driving towards the flooding, he let out this sarcastic laugh and yelled “Thar she blows!  Again!  Round two, everybody!”  The sad part is I met Sandy when he brought her to the office party two years ago.  She was really nice and taught at a kindergarten.”

Mageet agreed with the frustration.  “I can’t believe that this is only Monday and I’m already tired of his shit.  If this goes on until Thursday, I may just quit so I don’t hurt anyone.”

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