Local Morning DJ Cannot Wait to Do ‘Erection Day’ Material

November 6, 2012

COLUMBUS, OH (TheBadgerCA) – Local radio host Danny Bamber, half of the morning radio show “Big Dan and the Skunk” reported today off-air that he is very excited about today’s US election and his ability to bring out material specific to today.  Says Bamber, “Yeah, this day only comes once every four years, so it’s pretty special.  People in the Columbus area have totally grown to love the “Erection Day” stuff.  They’ve come to expect it.  It’s been working for years.  And it’s wicked funny since the word ‘election’ sounds just like ‘erection’, right?  You know, like ‘boners’ but you can’t say ‘boner’ on air.  So this works on a couple of levels.”


Foley Grey, known as “The Skunk” on the show was less enthused by Bamber’s excitement.  Said Grey from his home in Sunbury, OH, “It’s the same thing every time.  He comes on, and all day whenever someone mentions the election, he has to squeeze in the word ‘erection’ right after them.  Every time. Then he just laughs.  And he’s wearing those Chinese eyeglasses that Jerry Lewis used to wear.  It’s pretty awful.  He says because no one can actually see him on air, it’s not racist.  So, there’s that.  I think I’m going to call in sick today.”

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