Disney to Produce New “’Please Sign This Release’ Elmo’”

November 13, 2012

BURBANK, CA (TheBadgerCA) – The Disney Corporation announced today that they would be adding to their Muppets toy line with the new “Please Sign This Release” Elmo doll.  The doll, due out at the end of November in time for Christmas, is said to provide the same enjoyment for children that previous Elmo dolls has provided.

“The new Elmo doll will in no way change how children enjoy Elmo or any of the other Muppet products in the franchise”, said Marie Lauenger, Director of New Products for Disney.  “The new Elmo provides the same cuddly softness for children and also delivers a strong sense of protection and peace of mind for adults.”

The new Elmo doll is not only fitted with several replaceable release forms that children can enjoy signing, but parents can also purchase the new partner Muppet “Notary Dan” who legitimizes the release once signed.  The new Elmo doll also comes with new phrases and sayings, such as “Don’t forget to sign this waiver, or else Elmo gets sad”.  The new doll also comes with an infrared sensor and a pre-recorded message stating, “Uh oh!  You’re within thirty feet of Elmo.  Better back up!”

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