Brunch Conversation Normally Derailed by ‘New Baby’ Topic Now Monopolized by ‘New Cat’ Talk

November 19, 2012

Emilia Lett-Simkin: No longer a hot brunch topic

TORONTO, ON (TheBadgerCA) – Daniel Lett and Laura Simkin were left shocked at their local brunch spot where they normally control the morning conversation with talk about their 10-month old daughter Emilia.  Lett and Simkin, who brunch regularly with their friends Kyle and Ayako Dermott, came armed with conversation topics regarding Emilia’s interaction with new toys, attempts at verbalization, and the colour and viscosity of her faeces.  This did not happen Saturday.

The Dermott’s came to the brunch having just been the proud owners of a new kitten named “Mr. Pickles”.  Upon sitting down, they left no space for either Lett or Simkin to provide any stories of their own, launching into stories of the kitten’s first discovery of the litter box as well as many tales of the cat’s dealings with toy balls and fake mice.

Mr. Pickles, oblivious to the amount of distress he causes at local brunches

Simkin was not impressed.  “It was like Ayako had never seen a kitten before.  She just went on and on and on about how the kitten found a loose Kleenex and attacked it to shreds.  Like, who cares?  We had a great story about how Emilia was trying to stand up all by herself and fell on her bum-bum.  Do you think that we could get a word in edgewise?  Hell, no.”

Lett also was shut out of what seemed to be the feline-only brunch discussion.  “I spent all of Thursday night putting together a new hobby stove for her 10th Month Birthday, and wanted to tell everyone about how there’s $300 worth of toy just sitting there, and she’s playing in the box for hours.  Do you think I could say anything?  The whole time, Kyle’s going on and on about how he found the kitten playing with the water in the toilet with his paw and almost fell in.  Then Ayako brings up the fact that it was a shelter cat and then the water-works show up.  She’s blubbering and showing pictures of this stupid cat.  Meanwhile, I can’t even get the iPad out to show them pictures of Emilia’s new butterfly sweater.  They were totally pathetic.”

The Dermott’s cut the brunch short and left promptly, citing a need for more litter and a Pet Valu sale on squeaky toys for Mr. Pickles.

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