Gay Float Organizers Blame ‘Totally Getting the Date Wrong’ for Santa Claus Parade Entry

November 19, 2012

TORONTO, ON (TheBadgerCA) – David Connor, organizer of the solo gay float in this year’s Santa Claus parade blames his lack of organization and “totally getting the date wrong” for the stir that was caused during this year’s parade.

Santa: Two ‘Naughty’ Lists at Hand

“So, it looks like I was a few weeks off.  Months actually, but dates have never been my strong suit.  I tend to be the more creative person on the team, not the one driving deadlines.  I thought for sure that this was the date for the Pride Parade, but it appears I may have missed the mark.”  Connor, whose work in previous Gay Pride parades has garnered many float awards, mistakenly entered a gay-themed float into this past weekend’s Santa Claus parade.  The float, entitled “Bear-y Christmas” featured a fully bearded Santa Claus with two “Naughty” lists.Gilles LaDouceur, one of the Disco Elves on the float initially showed concern.  “When David called, we assumed he knew what he was doing and thought this float theme would be a bit brave, but then we thought it’s about time we breathed a little bit of gay life into this parade.  Why not have a gay Santa with gay elves?  Christmas is fabulous, and so should the parade be.”

Many parade observers were in agreement with the accidental inclusion of the gay float.  “I totally think this is what the Santa Claus parade needed.  It’s nice to have some house music play and see people dancing and enjoying themselves instead of having nothing but carols and audience-waving,” said Kirsten Morgan, 23.

Even children seemed to enjoy the gay-positive float as it passed by.  Said Natasha Gill, 8, “I liked the Santa with the straps and the elves who danced and I could tell that the one elf was a naughty elf because he was being spank’ded [sic] and tied to the Time Out chair.”

Organizers of the parade were happy at the opportunity to promote diversity in the parade but questioned the float’s decision to throw condoms into the crowd.  Said Connor, “Oh, crap.  I forgot all about that.  Tell the children they’re balloons.”

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