Ford Blames ‘Left-Wing Politics’ for His Inability to Comprehend Rules of His Job

November 27, 2012

Ford: “Go ahead and put something in front of me. Still not reading it. Still not reading it.”

TORONTO, ON (TheBadgerCA) – Following the news that he was being removed from office, former Toronto mayor Rob Ford lashed out to the media citing reasons for his ousting.  Ford, having been found guilty in a conflict of interest trial, told the assembled media today that he blames “left wing politicking” and “witch-hunting” for the result.

“This is unbelievable.  There’s a concerted effort by some Lefties in this city to oust me, to witch-hunt me, and I don’t think the people of this city get it.  These people have been after me since the beginning about how I don’t understand what my job is, how I didn’t read the book explaining all the rules to me, how I spend more time coaching football than leading the city.  It’s just nonsense.  I can’t believe they would fire me from a job for not reading a book.  How stupid is that?  How many books have you not read in your life?  Probably a lot.  And now I lose my job over this?  It’s so dumb.”

City councillor and brother Doug Ford echoed the sentiments of his brother.  “How the Left were able to get my brother fired for not understanding exactly what he was supposed to do, or how to do it, is completely unreasonable.  We were told from the onset that this book he was supposed to read was going to be summarized by an intern in a five-minute meeting.  This never happened.  So now, he’s supposed to have read it?  Outrageous.”

Ford is expected to appeal the decision as early as Friday.

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