City of Toronto Fires Civil Servant Caught Dodging Work for Three Months

November 30, 2012

Image of recently fired public servant cited for excessively abandoning post

TORONTO, ON (TheBadgerCA) – Information was released today from Toronto City Hall that, in accordance with the mayor’s mandate to balance the city’s budget and create efficiencies within the city’s departments, the city today fired a civil servant who was proved delinquent in his duties.

Upon investigation, the worker whose name is being kept confidential pending proper dismissal process was found to partake in prolonged absenteeism throughout the day.  Near the end of his tenure, the worker was found to be absent from his post upwards of three hours a day per week.

Said Celine Nettlewood, HR Director for the city, “This sort of behaviour is unacceptable.  The mayor has laid out well-defined guidelines on what work is expected of employees of the city.  This degree of absenteeism is definitely deemed as ‘waste’ by those guidelines.  It is effectively stealing from the city.”

The unnamed worker was not available for comment on the reasons for his removal.

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