World Overjoyed by Pope’s First Tweet

December 4, 2012

VATICAN CITY (TheBadgerCA) – Followers around the world anxiously awaiting the first tweet from the new Twitter user Pope Benedict XVI finally had their waiting pay off today as the Pope took to the internet and released his first tweet.

Cardinal Jorge Estévez was at the Pope’s side witnessing this historic event. “His Holiness had created his account earlier in the week and with his number of followers growing, he felt he should address them swiftly. Admittedly, he was somewhat confused initially, asking questions like ‘Is this email?’ and ‘Am I surfing the information superhighway now?’ but he eventually settled down and created his first tweet, a tweet that will now go into history and the first such message to be released in this forum from The Vatican.”

Pope Benedict XVI’s First Tweet

The Pontiff took his time and careful consideration to construct the first tweet to his followers and, placing his fingers carefully on the Vatican’s computer keyboard’s home keys, he carefully typed out with flawless precision the first tweet:

“Well, here goes. How does this work? What’s up, my peeps? Peace be with you.”

With that the tweet rocketed around the world, being retweeted across North America, Europe, South America and parts of Asia.  Confident with the success of the first tweet, and having had the concept of “retweeting” explained to him, he constructed a second tweet and broadcast it.

“Seriously @stevemartintogo is on Twitter? How bout [sic] a RT?”

Granting the Pope access to Twitter on his smart phone is also being considered at this time.

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