Local Mayan Not Looking Forward to the Office Today

December 21, 2012

VANCOUVER, BC (TheBadgerCA) – With the Mayan prophecy now proved to be inaccurate, the immediate future is not so rosy for some.  Arlo Nuñez, 33, a project manager at the Entrix IT consulting firm is not looking forward to his arrival at the office today.  It was accidentally revealed at last year’s office Christmas party that Nuñez had distant relatives that were Mayan.

Nuñez: “Maybe I’ll give today a pass.”

“I really didn’t want anyone to know since the whole 2012 prophecy thing was on everyone’s mind”, said Nuñez.  “But it got out there and now the other PMs just won’t let it go.  The week leading up to this, Darren (Nash, 42, Project Manager) would come by my desk two or three times a day asking if I was hoarding Post-It Notes and staples for the apocalypse.  I came in two weeks and they had put up a countdown clock on my cubicle wall.  It gets changed every day counting down day by day.  I’ve taken it down four times, and it comes back every morning.  It’s a pain in the ass.”Not everyone in Nuñez’s office is making fun of him.  Some are taking the coming end of the Mayan calendar seriously.  Carley Jacobson, 24, a temp worker at Entrix has been asking Nuñez for advice on the coming days.  “I’m pretty sure that something’s going to happen, and to have an actual Mayan in the office to help out?  That’s just choice.  I am so happy the agency sent me here since the other temps out there probably don’t have a Mayan resource at their disposal.”

Nuñez remains reluctant to go into the office today.  “I have no idea what my desk is going to look like.  I’ve got a ton of meetings today, too, so I’m sure everyone’s going to have to tell me how wrong I am and I didn’t even say anything.  I think I’m going to take a sick day or something.”

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