Jodie Foster Promises to Tweet Every Fifteen Minutes on How Quest for Privacy Is Going

January 14, 2013

HOLLYWOOD, CA – (TheBadgerCA) – Following her controversial speech after receiving the “Cecil B. DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award “at last night’s Golden Globe awards, Jodie Foster has courted controversy again in a statement released today.  Last night, during Foster’s acceptance speech, many felt Foster’s not-so-subtle nod to her being a lesbian was the shock of the night, despite being mostly common knowledge to all the celebrities and lookers-on at the last night’s ceremony.

@NotClariceStarling: “For more on how I don’t want your prying eyes on me, read my blog.”

Also made mention in Foster’s speech was a demand for privacy and a vague mention of the direction of her future work.  The heartfelt speech almost brought Foster to the brink of tears several times over the course.  This, however, was all eclipsed today when the motion picture star and director released a statement that she would be vigilant in her demand for privacy and the protection of her personal life from the viewing public.

In order to show how serious she was in this regard, Foster announced that she would tweet her progress for privacy every fifteen minutes.  Foster’s statement read “I do this in order to put a face on the deteriorating ability for actors in the public eye to have a sense of privacy in their lives.  The right to privacy is key, and I hope the world understands that this need must come before all other engagements that we have with the outside world.  As such, in order to promote this vigilance and bring a new-found respect to this need, I will be tweeting my progress every fifteen minutes.  I hope that through this journey for solitude and comfort, we will be able to bring to the public a true sense of the pressure myself and other celebrities have in today’s ever vigilant society.”

Foster spared no time this morning, Foster wrote from her Twitter account “@NotClariceStarling” the following:

- 10:31am:  “Journey starts today.  In the words of my dear friend Tony Kushner, “The great work begins.”

- 10:44am:  “Just got all the daily papers.  More pics of @MelGibson instead of me. It’s like I didn’t say anything last night! WTF!”

- 11:00am:  “Finally drew the drapes in the front of the house. Fence is high enough that I may garden today.”

- 11:14am:  “Is it Indiana, Illinois, or Iowa that allows gay marriage? I know it’s one of the “I” states.”

- 11:29am:  “IOWA! May move there. Don’t think of following me.”

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