James Frey Reacts to Lance Armstrong’s Oprah Interview: ‘This is Bullshit!’

January 18, 2013

NEW YORK, NY (TheBadgerCA) – Not everyone is looking to Lance Armstrong’s appearance in an interview with Oprah Winfrey to be one of a time of one man’s confession, contrition, and dealing with personal shame.  James Frey, author of the controversial “A Million Little Pieces” sees it another way.

Frey: “Nice work, BikeBoy!”

In a statement released today, Frey lashed out stating emphatically “This is bullshit!  Just another example that if you’re a fucking jock, you get everything handed to you on a platter.  Yes, I lied about my book.  Yes, it came out later that I made up the shit in my book.  Do I get a friendly setting to explain myself?  Am I reviled? Noooooo!”

Frey continued in his angry diatribe, “I get demonized for doing a fiction book, because no one’s done that before, and try to put a little English into the selling it.  No one got hurt.  But BikeBoy goes out there, stealing prizes left, right, and fucking centre from his competitors, and basically gets an Oprah handjob in front of everyone.  I created something that he can probably barely read.  Fucking pathetic.  It was his ilk that shoved me in lockers all my life.  Bullshit.  He gets Oprah and I can’t even get on Montel, let alone (Jimmy) Kimmel.  Pathetic.”

Armstrong released no rebuttal, only a question as to who James Frey is.

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