Obama’s Inauguration: President Lashes Out, Not Letting Clint Eastwood ‘Chair Bit’ Go

January 21, 2013

Obama and The Chair: Aides wish that he would “just let it go”

WASHINGTON, DC (TheBadgerCA) – With an entire nation and viewers from around the world watching, President Barack Hussein Obama was sworn in for his second term as President of the United States of America.  But it was not the swearing in ceremony that caught everyone’s attention, nor First Lady Michelle Obama’s new hairdo or dress.  It was Obama’s speech, his words to the nation that drew the interest of all watching.

In a speech delivering a message of hope, togetherness, and collective responsibility, Obama suddenly shattered the mood of togetherness and departed script, calling back and responding to a speech delivered by Clint Eastwood during the Republican convention.

With an empty chair beside him, and a microphone pointed at it, the president took the opportunity to lambaste an absent Eastwood, saying “Yeah, you’re not saying much now, are you?  What’s that? [pause] You calling me a ‘bitch’?  I wouldn’t be calling me a ‘bitch’ right now, bitch!  Your dog got voted out, and this one’s got teeth.  I’d watch it so that you don’t get bit.  What you got to say to that?  Huh?  Huh?!?”

As a moment of silence passed, Obama muttered to the vacant chair “Yeah, I thought so” and took a sip of water.  The speech then carried on talking about the rise of the middle class.

Aides close to the president were shocked by the outburst.  “We really weren’t ready for this”, stated aide to the president Darryl Newton.

“Had I known, I would have had one of the interns take the seat and just fill it in, like they do at the Oscars.  He was way off the prompters.  I think he saw the empty chair and decided he was going to take a run at it.  I guess next time, we just make sure every seat is taken.  Sure, he could move someone out to make it empty, but we could get him off stage at that point.”

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