Police Scour Gun Show Where Three Shot, Find No Irony

January 21, 2013

WILMINGTON, NC (TheBadgerCA) – Police officers called to a shooting at a North Carolina gun show were disappointed to discover a clear lack of irony when they approached.  Gun show organizer Carl Dupree met police at the entrance and took them to the see where Lloyd Simcoe had accidentally shot three fellow attendees in the shoulder, leg, and buttocks respectively.  The names have been withheld.

“We maybe should have checked before we told Lloyd it was loaded.”

Said Dupree, “This was a crazy bit of bad luck for this to happen.  I saw Lloyd take the rifle and aim it around, and asked several times if the firearm was loaded.  He was told ‘no’ each time.  Well, looks like someone was lied to.”

When Dupree was asked, in light of recent events in Newtown, CT, if he found it ironic that all victims were NRA members and that the whole affair could have been prevented with more control on firearms, he stated no.  “Seriously, I don’t know how we could have prevented this,” said Dupree blinking.  “All I can figure is that if those three people that were hit were armed, maybe only one of them would have been hit.  If they reacted quickly.  And were armed.”

Police have searched the entire area surrounding the gun show and have found no recognizable signs of acknowledged irony at all.

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