Hacked Burger King Twitter Account Announces New ‘Penis Fries’

February 18, 2013

MIAMA, FL (TheBadger.CA) – Thousands of followers of the official @BurgerKing Twitter account that was hacked today were elated to discover that the hamburger franchise would be introducing a new menu item. The new dish, called “Penis Fries”, is described to be like the regular fries served by Burger King but cut into a phallus shape and served with a “creemy [sic] new sauce #Jizzzzzz”.

Changes are in the making at the hamburger giant according to hacked Twitter account

Other menu items announced were the highly anticipated “Faggy Cheese Gaywad Burger”, “Slammin’ Ham Vag-tastic Sandwich” and a new flavor of milkshake called “Queef!

Following later, the hacked Burger King account also announced that the iconic plastic faced king mascot was caught “with his dick in Mayor McCheese”, “totally drags his balls across every BK Double Stacker” and would be changing his name to “Ass Bugger King”.

The new menu items are scheduled for Wednesday according to the Twitter account.

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