Freezing Homeless Man Without Shelter Still Happy He Voted For Rob Ford

February 21, 2013

TORONTO, ON (TheBadger.CA) – Huddled for warmth atop a subway vent on a cold Toronto winter, hungry from not having eaten all day, feeling the sting of frostbite, you would think that this would dampen the spirits of many.  Not for Carl Bingham, age unknown, a former tool and die worker who has been out of work for 17 years and homeless for the past 14.

Carl Bingham: “Lefties can kiss my ass!”

Says Bingham, following the laughter-filled denial from Mayor Rob Ford on the existence of Toronto homeless, “He’s still the right man for the job.  He’s the bee’s knees!  I get it, he don’t know we’re out here, because he got those new windows that are dark! On his SVU [sic]! But I can take the cold. He’s the man I voted for, for sure.”

Ford, following a council vote that downed any measure to help the winter homeless crisis, stated while chuckling “there is no homeless problem in Toronto”.

When asked if he faulted the mayor in any way for not giving him or similar people the right care, Bingham remained up-beat.  “No way.  I’m happy I voted for Ford.  He gots [sic] to stay warm in his SVU [sic] (because) he’s the boss.  He’s getting the gravy thieves and I’m like him. I think cyclists are assholes.”

Toronto has issued a cold weather warning for this evening.

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