Toronto Mayor Cannot Decide Which Democratic Rule to Break Next

February 27, 2013

TORONTO, ON (TheBadger.CA) – Toronto Mayor Office aides stated today that Rob Ford, having just been exonerated for election finance violations, does not know which well established rule of democracy to infringe next.

Ford: “I don’t know what to tell you guys. Don’t know what’s happening next.”

The mayor, currently on holiday at Disney World in Florida, is hoping the time away with his family will allow him to come in fresh with ideas on which of the rules of Toronto government that he has not read up on will be next to be broken.

Aides close to the mayor acknowledge that the decision is almost paradoxical in nature.  Says Kimberly Sutherland, Senior Aide to the mayor, “I can understand his issue. He’s wants to get ahead of some of the trials and know what he’s going to break but having not read the rules he doesn’t know that they exist to be broken. It’s kind of weird. What we’ve been trying is make suggestions that steer him in the direction of rule violation.  Then when he abuses the rule, he can still say that he’s not read it, so he didn’t know. So, it doesn’t matter. I guess that’s what sort of makes him a hero. To me, anyway.”

Ford’s flight out of Toronto to Florida was delayed several hours. The mayor was unavailable for comment.

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