Target Staff Still Can’t Get ‘Zellers Smell’ Out of Store

March 20, 2013

MILTON, ON (TheBadgerCA) – Just over two weeks after the pilot Target store opened in Milton, Ontario and shopping has continued unabated over the course. The US retail chain bought up storefronts owned previously by Zellers and put up shop across Canada. However, not all is rosy for the chain, especially smell-wise. Many customers still complain about that weird “Zellers Smell”.

The not-so-sweet smell of retail failure

Marnie Phillips (34, homemaker) stated that as soon as she entered the Milton location, she became confused. “It was weird. You saw all the new fixtures and shelves, and all of that, but it still just smelled like…Zellers, you know? There’s that musty smell of winter boots and lamps and things that aren’t moving. It’s like a smell ghost.”

Amir Zakan, manager of the Milton store, also felt frustration. “We’ve had three different cleaning teams in here and we just can’t lose that smell of, I don’t know, ‘Retail Failure’? We’ve tried everything. Even the Febreze aisle still reeks of it. And the corner where the Red Grille (restaurant) used to be? The less said the better. Just burnt grilled cheese, all over the place.”

Target Canada has issued a statement stating they will still continue their deodorizing efforts on an ongoing basis.

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