Toronto Mayor’s Wife Renata Ford Quietly Bakes Cookies

March 26, 2013

TORONTO, ON (TheBadgerCA) – On the face of it, it appears to be a normal day in the Ford house. As allegations abound regarding Toronto mayor Rob Ford’s alleged ejection from the Garrison Ball fundraising gala, Renata Ford, wife of the mayor, sits quietly in her well-appointed kitchen in her Etobicoke home as the aromas of baking cookies fill the air.

A question is asked about the rumours of the mayor’s public intoxication. Mrs. Ford calmly stated, “The key to good chocolate chip cookies is using semi-sweet chocolate chips. Never use milk chocolate. They’re too sweet, and the cookies will come out cloyingly rich.” Gently moving a bang of hair from her eyes, she smiles politely and crosses her hands in her aproned lap.

Mrs. Ford appears to be calm amid the chaos. She is asked how she feels about the rumours from Sarah Thomson stating the mayor groped her at yet another function where the mayor seemed under the influence. She tilts her head to the side and hums a tuneless tune, all the while maintaining her demure smile.

Before a follow-up question can be asked about the general state of Rob Ford’s physical and mental health, wondering if the mayor should seek some counselling and rehabilitation, the timer on the stove chimes a single bell ring. Renata flinches and closes her eyes. After steadying herself, she removes the cookies from the oven filling the kitchen with a homey cookie aroma.

Her offer of tea politely declined, Mrs. Ford pours herself another cup, returns to her seat, and sits quietly gazing out the window as the cookies cool on the counter. The ticking kitchen clock provides the only sound, apart from Renata Ford’s deep breaths.

The mayor is expected home at 6:00pm.

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