Local Gay Male Not Big on Gay Marriage Anymore Following Call to Parents

March 28, 2013

Kyle Farther seen on phone to his mother Trish.

ATLANTA, GA (TheBadgerCA) – Kyle Farther is a 34 year old gay male that works as an assistant manager at a local Wells Fargo bank. He and his partner Benjamin Tooley share a well appointed apartment in Virginia Highlands. The couple used to attend rallies and hand out flyers in support of constitutional change allowing for gay marriage. Now, Tooley has noticed that Farther’s desire to help promote gay marriage awareness and drive change has severely waned. He believes this to be due to a recent phone call to Farther’s parents.

“He got off the phone and seemed really distant after it,” says Tooley. “I gave him a hug and he was accepting, but whenever ‘marriage’ was brought up, he’d flinch. It used to be just a pause, or a quick movement of the eye, but now whenever you say ‘The M-Word’ around here, he can go full-on spasm.”

Farther’s parents, Malcolm and Trish, live in Macon, GA, and are accepting of their son’s lifestyle and support his choice to marry if legalized. In a phone interview, Trish said, “We’d just be happy if he could find someone and share the joy that we have had for 43 years.”

Malcolm Farther on another phone extension added “It’s been 43 years of misery.”

Trish replied, “Well, it wouldn’t be so miserable for you if you simply communicated more.”

Malcolm retorted, “Again with that hippie bullshit. You can use it on the boy all you want…”

Trish replied, “The boy is fine. It’s you that’s got the big problem.”

Malcolm returned, “I’ve got no problem with the boy. Kyle’s probably having sex which is more than anyone in this goddamned house is doing.”

Trish countered with “There’s not enough blue pills on the planet for that to happen again.”

“It’s my goddamn medical condition! And besides, you moan like a cat in heat. How the hell is that attractive? No way I’m going to get it up without a forklift with you going on like a paper jam!”

The conversation became more heated and the phone call eventually terminated. At this point Kyle has not attended any more marriage rallies. It is still unknown what has changed Kyle’s mind on the issue of gay marriage.

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