North Korea’s Nuclear Fire Power Revealed to be Stack of Microwave Ovens Left Outside a Pyongyang Best Buy

April 12, 2013

PYONGYANG, N. KOREA (TheBadgerCA) – Fears regarding the alleged nuclear weapon stockpile purported to be amassed in North Korea have been assuaged slightly.  Today it was revealed by covert photos that the “nuclear fire power” that dictator Kim Jong Un has boasted to be in possession of are in fact a total of 49 microwave ovens that were left out back of a Best Buy.


United States CIA agent Brian Lewett said in a press conference today that the original fears of the quantity of arms has been greatly downgraded following the discovery.

“We have seen photographic evidence that reveals that North Korea is now banking on its nuclear stockpile to wage war with its southerly neighbours. The stockpile in question appears to be an organized stack of 49 domestic microwave ovens that vary by manufacturer. There are some Sanyos, Tochibas and the odd Sony in the pile.

“As a result, the United States government, and the Commander-In-Chief have downgraded the threat level for North Korea from ‘Immediate’ to ‘Laughable’.”

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