Latest Conservative Attack Ad Labels Justin Trudeau as ‘Heartless Conservative’

April 22, 2013

OTTAWA, ON (TheBadgerCA) – Canada’s Conservative Party have regrouped and come out swinging in a new series of attack ads against the newly appointed leader of the Liberal party, Justin Trudeau. With the negative response to the original attack ads that lambasted Trudeau for removing his shirt at a fundraiser for the Canadian Liver Foundation, the Conservatives have hit harder with a new series of ads that brands Trudeau as “a heartless Conservative”.

The Tie Tells it All.

The ads, showing Trudeau parading down a Canadian street wearing the Conservative party blue-coloured tie, state that Trudeau is in favour of removing increased registry for firearms. As the ad voiced that Trudeau “would literally put guns in the hands of children”, an actor depicting Trudeau was shown handing pistols to smiling children in a park playground. The children were then seen to turn around with malicious smiles and aim their newly acquired guns at cowering senior citizens sitting on a park bench.

Another moment in the ad states that Trudeau is “like his father, in the pocket of Big Oil, selling off resources and caring little for the environment” while showing the same actor portraying Trudeau in a giant suit pocket with “BIG OIL” written upon it and lighting a cigar with an on-fire miniature harbour seal. Other moments in the ad show Trudeau driving an SUV and running down a group of young protesters with picket signs depicting pro-choice and vegan lifestyle slogans, and a shot of Trudeau at what appears to be the Calgary Stampede eating “three kinds of meat”.

Prime Minister Harper has not released any statement following the ad run early this week.

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