Rob Ford Defies Critics of his City Hall Absenteeism, Shows Up for ‘Cake Day’

May 3, 2013

TORONTO, ON (TheBadgerCA) – There have been many critics of Toronto mayor Rob Ford and his attendance record at City Hall. Some estimations have the mayor only at city hall at most 50% of the time with some stipulating the mayor actually maintains a 70% absenteeism rate during the work week.

“Has the cake arrived yet?”

These critics were silenced today as Rob Ford was in attendance today at City Hall to take part in a monthly “Cake Day” celebration.

The Cake Day celebrates the birthdays in the current month and is usually held on the last Friday of the month. However, this particular day, celebrating April birthdays, was moved from April 26th when it would normally be held, to the current day of May 3rd.

Said Andrea Gustaffson, Office Manager and member of the City Hall Recreational Committee that handles in-office celebrations and parties, “We had to move it to accommodate the mayor this month. We checked with the Mayor’s assistant and all of April 26th was marked as ‘Private’. We were going to go ahead with it, but when he found out it was a Baskin-Robbins ice cream cake, he was insistent that we move the date for when he wasn’t out of the office. That’s a hard target to hit, given he’s gone so much of the time. Everyone says he’s busy, but whatever.”

Upon singing “Happy Birthday” to all of the City Hall employees with April birthdays, the mayor moved to the front of the group, leading the singing. He then cut the cake for the birthday celebrators, gave himself a healthy slice, and went back to his office where he closed the door.

No further statement came from the Mayor’s office.

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