Rob Ford Blames Low Council Attendance on Phone Being on Vibrate

June 13, 2013

“Can you hear me now?”

TORONTO, CANADA (TheBadgerCA) – Following today’s statement from Toronto mayor Rob Ford that he was left unaware of an 800 police officer drug raid today on his cable being out last night, Ford today stated that he was absent over the course of several city council meetings due to the fact that he “received no notifications as his phone was on ‘Vibrate’”.

The mayor stated today “(his phone) was buried down in his pocket and I don’t feel every vibration. It’s way down there, and I don’t hear it or feel it much. It’s just not feasible for me. I’m busy answering emails about potholes for most of the day, and when I’m sitting down, I don’t get a lot of notifications.”

When asked if having the phone could be out of his pocket or set with an alarm on, Ford lashed out.

“I can’t have it just sitting there and ringing off the hook while I’m trying to do important business! That’s ludicrous! No way. No way!”

Ford advisers are examining the mayor’s cable package at home and examining other phone models that have a more elaborate vibrate option.

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