“She Seems Nice! Leave Her Alone!”; Local Bad Parents say Lay Off Miley Cyrus

August 26, 2013

“You hate Miley, you hate my daughter. And me.”

NEW YORK, NY (TheBadgerCA) – Local bad parents were irate this morning from the backlash that greeted Miley Cyrus’s performance at the MTV Video Music Awards last night. Local resident and reported horrible mother Crystal McCormack was livid about the abuse that Cyrus was receiving online.

“She’s just a performer, putting on a performance, and I don’t see anything wrong with what she’s did [sic]. It’s regular TV and she’s just going out there putting on a show. Her dad done it [sic] and now she’s done it. I don’t see any problem with it.”

Cyrus’s performance last night included simulated masturbation with a giant foam finger and “twerking” (gyrating one’s bottom area) with Robin Thicke during a duet. McCormack remained resolute in her opinion.

“That’s pretty much how I got pregnant with my daughter. Whoever the guy was that I did it to at ‘Hey, Loosies!’ (a local dance club) years ago knocked me up and I had a beautiful daughter. And if you’re saying that my beautiful daughter is bad because of how I got her, you might as well say Jesus is bad, too.”

McCormack is currently unemployed and her three-year old daughter Aleesha is currently with Children’s Services.

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