UN Classifies Most-To-All Food Served at The Ex in Contravention of the Geneva Convention

August 27, 2013

“Move over Napalm…”

NEW YORK, NY (TheBadgerCA) – The United Nations is condemning Canada for what it calls “a devastating attack on its own people” with casualties numbering in the hundreds following what some are calling “biological warfare” in contravention of the Geneva Convention which bans the use of chemical and biological weapons.

Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson was irate with what it called “Canada’s reckless behaviour toward its own”, stating that the food served at Toronto’s Ex “has caused grievous harm to the citizens of Canada and its visitors” with offerings “no different than napalm”.

Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon condemned Canada’s cavalier attitude toward the health and safety of Canadians. Said Ki-Moon, “How much maple bacon jam and gravy on top of funnel cakes do you need before we are marking a death toll numbers. Shame on you, Canada. Your days of innocent Pogos are long behind you.

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