Doug Ford Calling Debate a “Holocaust” Not Going Over Well With Some

October 31, 2014

Doug Ford: “I felt like I had to bring in the ‘SS’ to save me…oh, what now?”

Oct 5, 2014 – TORONTO, CANADA (TheBadgerCA) – At a mayoral debate in Toronto on Sunday, many are seeking clarification from Doug Ford where he described the debate as an “utter holocaust”. The debate sponsored by the Centre for Israel and Jewish Afairs and the UJA Federation of Greater Toronto had many of Toronto’s Jewish community in attendance. Ford, who was asked by fellow candidate Ari Goldkind to apologize publicly for his brother’s use of the word “k*ke” in a YouTube video, went on instead to dictate a laundry list of people who work for him who are Jewish. His accountant, his dentist and doctor were among those named.


In the scrum that followed the debate, when asked how he felt the debate went, Doug described it as “a holocaust. An utter holocaust…What? What did I say now?” Immediately Jewish members of the press corps in the scrup demanded immediate clarification. “Aw, for Chrissake…” Ford muttered while walking toward his Cadillac Escalade.


Today at his Etobicoke campaign headquarters, a visibly upset Ford issued the following statement, with his brother Rob standing behind him in support: “Folks, I understand that I may have said some things that might have been hurtful to Toronto’s Jewish community. I wish to extend my arm and say if you were offended by what I may have said last night, I am deeply, deeply sorry. You know, there’s things that we say, me and Rob, that we say in fun, and never mean any of it to be taken in a hurtful way. For example, Rob’s wife is a Polack, and we joke about that. It’s honest fun. I was not expecting this type of Jihad that you guys gave me this morning. It’s like you guys were from the Muslim community or something. But we’re going to move forward and…hang on, my phone’s ringing. I gotta take this.”

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