Local Amateur Stand-Up Comic Can’t Decide Which Picture of Broken Pencil to Use as Avatar

January 8, 2015

TORONTO, CANADA (TheBadgerCA) – In the wake of the tragedy in Paris that saw twelve employees at the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo shot to death Monday, many outside of France are also stunned without knowing how to react to the tragic news. Many have taken to the internet, showing their support through the online hashtag “#JeSuisCharlie”.

Could this be the right avatar?

Local amateur stand-up comic Taylor Michaels, 24, wishes to take his show of solidarity further by changing his online avatar to an image of a broken pencil, but is overwhelmed by options. The local comic, who up until Monday, had never heard of Charlie Hebdo is at the time of writing still searching for the right avatar image that will best encapsulate his newly found and misguided feelings and opinions.

Said Michaels “There’s way too many picture options, but the weird thing is a lot of them have already been used. The whole ‘pencil being shot by a bullet’ thing is already way too out there. That one that Banksy did with the broken pencil being made into two pencils is great, because it tells everyone ‘Hey. We’ve got two pencils now. They’re smaller, but thanks for the extra pencil, you terrorist idiot.’”

Michaels has still not researched any of the cartoon illustrations that Charlie Hebdo published that were found offensive to the Islamic extremists that attacked the French publication. It is this lack of research that has helped Michaels fuel his latest material for his stand-up act.

“Last night I went to a Starbucks and wrote a whole bunch of stuff about how it isn’t just one religion, but all religions are wrong. But especially Muslims. Like, yeah, Catholics have the paedophile priests, but it’s not like Catholics have a history of killing people for no reason.”

Taylor Michaels is set to perform his new material at the local open mic “Komedy Kavalkade” tonight at the Dog and Whistle pub.

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