Toronto Maple Leafs Developing New Aerodynamic ‘Throwing Jersey’

January 20, 2015

TORONTO, CANADA (TheBadgerCA) – Marketing team members at Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment (MLSE) are excited today with news that the Toronto Maple Leafs are coming forward with a new souvenir for Leaf fans.

Sylvie Tepps, the Vice President of Merchandising for the Toronto hockey club, announced that the Leafs were coming up with a new souvenir jersey that was more aerodynamic and was able to fly better.

Said Tepps at a news conference today, “The Toronto Maple Leafs organization wants to let their fans know that we can see what you want. We feel that with the new ‘Throwing Jersey’, we are answering the needs of the fans. We are listening to you.”

The new jerseys are made of a lighter fibre with less drag yet more mass for better propulsion, a similar technology to that used in stealth bombers and modern-day drones. Previously, many fans had thrown their jerseys to the ice, only to have them land a few rows ahead of them, or against the glass of the rink. In a demo that followed today’s press conference, Tepps stood in the front row of green section 321 and tossed the new jersey to the ice in one attempt. “The new shirt has the same lift and hang time as a paper airplane, making it much easier for shirts to make it to the ice. The shirts come in both blue and white for fans traveling to away games.”

The new shirts are expected to hit the shelves tomorrow in time for the next game against the Ottawa Senators, with the ‘Kessel’ and ‘Phaneuf’ shirts to be in hot demand.

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