Texas School Evacuated, Student Arrested Following Worries Papier Mâché Volcano About to Blow

September 16, 2015

Tucker Preston’s volcano yet to be determined active in Irving, TX

IRVING, TEXAS (TheBadgerCA) – Tucker Preston, 13, was placed into custody today following concerns that he had brought in a live volcano set to erupt at the Irving Independent School District Science Fair. Upon witnessing Preston’s unveiling of the papier mâché volcano, science teacher and judge at the science fair Carl Doyle immediately called the principal’s office who called 911 and initiated the school lockdown. Police rushed to the scene and placed Preston in handcuffs, holding him for questioning in principal Valerie Nagle’s office.

During questioning, Preston repeatedly stated that it was a model volcano that he brought to school and not an active volcano. Officer Mike Dany repeatedly asked if the volcano was active. Preston confirmed it was a model made out of newspaper and paste. Said Officer Dany, “I repeatedly asked Preston if this was a live and active volcano. He repeatedly stated it was a model. I asked if it was active, as it certainly looked like a volcano. Preston only answered with ‘It’s a model’. He would not answer the question, ‘How do you know it’s not active?’ He simply repeated ‘It’s just a model.’”

Nagle has yet to call off the school lockdown until seismologists are able to confirm that the school and the town of Irving are in no immediate danger. Preston remains in custody and will most likely miss third-period History class at this time.

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