Area Man Pretty Sure Facebook Post Starting With “I’m Not a Racist BUT…” Will Get His Point Across

September 17, 2015

TORONTO, CANADA (TheBadgerCA) – Daniel Pettigee, a 38-year old independent contractor, took to Facebook following the arrest of Ahmed Mohamed in Texas, the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis and the Republican candidate debate last night. Pettigee spent most of yesterday and this morning formulating an opinion about the arrest of a grade nine student whose clock that he had built was mistaken for a bomb.  Pettigee also lamented on the commentary from the Republican candidates such as Donald Trump and, more recently, statements from conservative pundits such as Ann Coulter. Hoping to captivate his Facebook friends with his ideas on modern-day politics, Pettigee took to his page’s status window and began to type.

Daniel Pettigee, ‘unlikable’ to many

“I wanted to let my Facebook friends know what I was thinking about how the police that arrested Ahmed probably weren’t technically wrong about arresting a Muslim carrying a device. Had that been an airport, and not a classroom or any other place of learning, that officer would be getting a medal. It’s just common sense. But some of my friends support the NDP and even the Green Party, if you can even fathom that. So I knew whatever I wrote would just really get up them. So, you have to take the sting out of it for them. Give them some sugar to get the medicine down. So, that’s why I started (the post) with “I”m not a racist, BUT…” to put everyone at ease. This way they know I’m not racist, so that ends that discussion. It just puts me in the right more, that I can back up my opinion about how the Texas police can single out a potential terrorist in a high school and not be racist about it.”

Pettigee has several ideas for his next post. “Well, if this one is successful and gets enough likes and no bad comments from the lefties I know, I’ll probably write something about how stupid it is that they’re allowing hijabs [sic] at ceremonies. I mean, how can you tell who’s getting sworn in?”

Since his posting this morning, Pettigee has been unfriended 43 times.

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