Local Politician Thought Three Times Prior to Posting Tweet with “Muslim” in It

October 1, 2015

Conservative candidate David Hartley, unavailable for comment on-or-off-line

TORONTO, CANADA (TheBadgerCA) – Amid a torrent of political candidates stepping down due to online posts in social media, local Conservative candidate David Hartley is pretty sure his tweet is clean enough to make it through his Twitter feed without any issue. Across all of the major political parties, Member of Parliament hopefuls have been forced to step down due to postings deemed offensive. Hartley believes that his tweet will cut the muster. Lorraine Camp, campaign manager for Hartley, is very excited about the tweet. “I think there has been an awful lot of confusion when politicians such as Mr. Hartley are brave enough to stand by their convictions and post their feelings to the public. Social media is an important tool for politicians and Mr. Hartley posts only items true to his heart, his family, his riding and his party.”

Camp stated that Hartley was thorough in his writing of the tweet, stating “he went over the tweet three times before posting it. He even asked me my thoughts and I assured him that his post would be accepted by all and could well and truly steer the campaign for his riding in a winning direction. This tweet did not come off willy-nilly. It was carefully measured and written. He treated it like a national address or acceptance speech.

At 11:53am today, the official David Hartley Twitter feed posted “Kudos to @PMHarper for finding balance w/ culture and tradition wrt Canadian Muslims and niqabs. Next stop: tackling turbans and Jew hats.” As of the time of writing, no one at Hartley’s headquarter office is responding to media requests.

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