Local Gays Very Interested in Ousted-Conservative’s Candidate Cure for Gayness

October 7, 2015

Jagdish Grewal will no longer be able to provide “The Cure”

MISSISSAUGA, ON (TheBadgerCA) – The day began in disappointment for local homosexual Brian Laylee, a 24-year old barista, when he heard that Jagdish Grewal was dispatched from Conservative Party of Canada’s Mississauga riding following comments that he believed there were cures for homosexuality. Laylee  stated, “Just when you think there’s a cure for something wrong with you, poof! It goes away. Why can’t we hear about this cure? You think we as gays aren’t entitled at a shot at khakis and blue buttoned-down shirts? Why can’t we have a marriage to a woman with a foot tattoo? Where are our big celebration dinners at Milestone’s? This is totally unfair! The man is sitting on a gold mine and like that the government gets rid of him.

Laylee continues to operate as a gay man, having recently vacationed with his partner in Barcelona and had tapas for most of the nights away.

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