Mother of Baby Sprayed with Beer at Blue Jays Game Becomes Icon for Garbage Parents Everywhere

October 15, 2015

TORONTO, CANADA (TheBadgerCA) – Heather Dupree today had no idea that the decision to bring her baby to a hotly contested baseball game would make her an icon for bad parenting decisions around the world. Dupree, a stay-at-home mother, brought her newborn daughter Amber to the game without hearing protection in order to prove her worth as a parent to all involved. When images of her daughter being sprayed with beer came to light, horrible parents took to Facebook, Twitter and to a lesser extent SnapChat to applaud Dupree’s decision to bring a baby to a critical sporting event surrounded by drinking adults and decibel levels hitting that of a jet plane taking off.

“Someone think of the children! I am incapable!”

Amanda Lexington, an Ajax mother of three, stated in a Facebook post “Good on that lady from the game to bring her baby. I’ve seen the price of those seats she was in. There’s no WAY she could pay for a sitter. Probably why she couldn’t afford earplugs for the kid either. There’s no better place for a Blue Jays onesie to be shown off and she was so cute in it! She’s well within her rights to show off her baby without the feer [sic] of people celebrating around her willy nilly! I hope she’s there for the next game!”

Father Nicholas Temmits (@NTemmer on Twitter) stated “The baby was hit with beer! What if it was acid!”


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