Justin Trudeau Wakes Up Today as New Prime Minister, Dreamed of Ten New Things to Tax

October 20, 2015

Justin Trudeau: Dreamer

MONTREAL, QUEBEC (TheBadgerCA) – Today ushered in a new era in Canadian politics as Justin Trudeau’s Liberal party swept aside Stephen Harper’s Conservative party, taking seats from normally strong Conservative and NDP strongholds. Following his acceptance speech as the leader of Canada last night, Trudeau and his family were rewarded with a well-deserved sleep, his first night’s sleep as leader of the nation. Upon awaking, Trudeau recalled that in the previous night’s dream, he had come up with new items to tax for revenue.

Justine Lepeau, aide to Trudeau in his time to transition to the official leader, was briefed on the dreams from Trudeau. Said Lepeau, “His dreams were quite vivid and specific. He called me at four in the morning to record the dreams so that he would not forget them. He has already stated that he will tax the rich to release the tax base to the middle class, but this goes slightly further. He had me write down ‘Tax on people who have gardeners’, ‘Purse chihuahua tax’, ‘Boats’. All he said there was ‘boats’, I don’t really know what that means.”

Also on the list, Trudeau mentions a tax on BMW steering wheel warmers, sweatpants costing $500 or more, and any foods or activities endorsed by Gwyneth Paltrow. Lepeau stated, “That last one I’m not sure what to do with.”

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