South Carolina Officer Fired for Arresting Student, Hired by Alabama Police Force

October 28, 2015

Former South Carolina Officer prior to landing new job

HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA (TheBadgerCA) – Disgraced Richland County Senior Deputy Ben Fields was fired this morning following the release of a video showing him flipping a teen-aged student backwards out of her desk, tossing her onto the floor and arresting her in front of her classroom. Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott stated that the officer, having not followed proper procedures. Immediately following the incident, the Madison County Sheriff Lloyd Beucker announced that his police force would welcome Fields to his police force.

Said Beucker in a statement, “While the police force in Columbia are more than entitled to their opinions on the matter, Fields displays the type of instinct we’re looking for in a recruit. To be frank, South Carolina’s loss is our gain.” Fields is expected to start his new position on Monday armed with a “much larger gun than those pacifists in Columbia”, said Beucker.

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