Quentin Tarantino Apologizes for Anti-Cop Comments to Jew Media

November 5, 2015

Quentin Tarantino in image used against him by a Semitic media

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA (TheBadgerCA) – In statement released today, Quentin Tarantino apologized to his anti-police comments that embroiled him this week in a boycott of his films by police unions nationwide. Said Tarantino, “I did not intend to have everyone think that I am anti-police. I’m not. If you don’t think there’s a problem in the country right now, you’re delusional. It’s as simple as that, If you’re a member of the NRA, a police union, or the Jew media bringing all of this up on me, you’re part of the problem. People are dying in the streets at the hands of some pretty bad apples, and I’m not targeting the good policemen-and-women that abhor this, that are against this, that are disgusted as we all are by their brothers and sisters in arms. Add to this that my comments, comments that are supposed to enlighten, to support, to provide a counter-argument, are taken out of context by the Jews in the media.

“It’s a takedown. Simple as that. A takedown. The Jews in the media hate the Jews in the entertainment industry that green-light my movies, and who gets caught in the crossfire? I do. So this Semitic turf-war between the film industry and the media industry, and if you don’t think the Jews have turned that into an industry you’re lying to yourself, and it all lands on me. Do most cops do good work? Yes. Are there some bad cops? Absolutely. Do the Jews in the media implicate me as a means to an end to bring down their film-industry brethren? Well, you tell me.”

Tarantino’s latest film “The Hateful Eight” is due out in January of 2016.

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